June 2020 Newsletter Gallery

While we posted photos on our social media accounts, due to the social unrest at the end of 2019 and the pandemic this year, we have been without volunteer support and have fallen WAY behind in our updates. We apologize for this, and aim to get back into the swing of things. This means that we have a pretty big gallery to share with you this time around!

Christmas Gallery

We had a blast celebrating Christmas in our new home! We finished moving in just days before our Christmas Eve celebration, which included a special church service held on-site, and the participation of Bolivian board members, volunteers, and friends of NCV. The meal was fantastic, the kids (of course) enjoyed opening up their gifts, we played a gift exchange game with our staff, and handing out Christmas vouchers to our staff as an extra year-end bonus.

Community Outreach Gallery

Back in January, as a way to celebrate Christmas with children who are living in impoverished conditions, and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, in support of families who are most economically impacted by the lockdown measures, NCV has been planning activities to “pay it forward”, while teaching our children the importance of serving others.

Getaway Gallery

Sometimes, you just need a break from the routine. While this is all but impossible now thanks to the lock down requirements, we are grateful that we were able to take a short trip with all of the children in January, before things started to change 🙂

Day to Day Gallery

The lockdown measures have changed things, but life goes on – as does education, keeping up the house, and recreation! Our staff have been creative in planning activities to keep our kids’ minds and bodies active during their confinement to the home. Check out all the awesome things they’ve been up to!

Birthday Gallery

Celebrating birthdays is always a big deal at Niños con Valor, and though it would be easier with so many kids to celebrate all the birthdays of the month together, we believe that it is important for each child to be recognized and celebrated as the unique individual she or he is. We’ve had quite a few birthdays so far in 2020 – here is our Birthday Gallery 🙂


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